My thoughts on... Inspiration for using a Lolly & Kin mat

I first had the idea for vegan-leather mats over 18 months ago and have been developing the ultimate design ever since. And most importantly road testing the mats around our home and out-and-about pretty much every day!

Here are a few (well actually 28) ways we’ve used them so far. Easy to wipe-clean they can be used for all kinds of messy activities and non-messy ones too. And when you’re done you can fold them up or hang anywhere. Nicely tucked away or on display, you choose.

Crafts and play - From building train tracks to creating slime

1. All kinds of crafts – especially good to keep all the little pieces of paper and glitter in one place, and glue away from your furniture

2. Play Dough – my 3-year-old knows he grabs a mat before he gets the Play Dough out. I don’t even have to get involved.

3. Lego mat so you don’t lose the pieces down the floorboards

4. Painting – the kids love painting outdoors on the lawn or on the table as an easy wipeable mat

5. Daily yoga stretches for all the family

6. As a super comfy base for building train tracks (we do this for hours)

7. Snack-time (anywhere, anytime)

8. Baby sensory time (especially good over carpet to catch the baby dribble)

9. Waterplay – learning to pour and measure water

10. Making slime – not my personal favourite activity but kids seem to love it and the mats make it SO much easier

11. Pumpkin carving. Most likely a once-a year activity but so useful for all the gunky pumpkin mess

12. Great for doing a jigsaw puzzle (and then moving it around the house to finish later)

Out and about - From creating outdoor playrooms to grown up chill zones

13. Chilling in the garden, especially when the grass is a bit damp

14. We’ve used ours for picnics and sitting out in all seasons! From sunny spring picnic days through to watching fire-works on bonfire night with hot chocolate

15. Amazing on the beach. No more bulky, sandy towels to carry around or wash on holiday. Great on wet sand too. So great for Autumn and Spring days, not just in Summer.

16. Summer festivals – the large mat is big enough to seat friends you meet along the way

17. On top of a hill to take in the view after a long walk-up

18. School sports-day. We were the popular ones with a place for the small kids to sit and play

19. Outdoor cinema

20. Great on the decking as a base for an outdoor play room

Around the home - From the dinner table to a high-chair splash mat

21. As a table covering for messy mealtimes and grown-up dinners too (one mat, all day, no table cloth or mats to wash)

23. Re-potting plants

22. Making jam – sticky drips cleaned away quickly

24. Decorating cakes or an ice-cream station – perfect for catching sprinkles

25. Under my son’s high chair when he was younger. Or even now when the kids eat cous-cous which literally goes everywhere 

26. Changing nappies – the small mat can be folded up into a change bag

27. Absolutely priceless when potty training!

28. Next to the hutch when we looked after our friend’s rabbit during the holidays. So cute